Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last FM

So apparently my music is on Last FM
The strange thing is I have no idea how it got there. + insert confusion here +

But you are most welcome to go and listen & join and comment and be part of a seemingly hip online music community. All the music from That [GIRL] EP is streaming for your enjoyment

I feel naked without the music studio, and i realize I miss being there in that space I will resume shortly to finish up everything before we get to the final mixes, I'm so grateful that I got to record these new songs. I hope you love them as much as I do, they have turned into my peoples and each one has their own personality.

In other news I keep finding heart shaped things that mother nature makes and plants in my path.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


OMG so the muslims wrote me back. I posted on their page as i said i would and voila one of them sent me a myspace message. It was actually kind of shocking and surreal, it went something like this....

hey jungli glad you like our tunes none of us are muslim it was a catchy name that stuck with us and we totally have respect for real muslims come to a show etc.. etc... what does it all mean ??? i mean for the world ??? is islam becoming cool ? score !!!
in other news i'm in the studio recording new material i'm almost done. YAY ! these past few months have been a journey like LA to Uzbekistan to The Congo to Andromeda and back type journey

i saw seal tonight when i was leaving the session
and i keep having dreams about juice


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Muslims

I'm kind of weirded out. not really but kind of. I just found this band called The Muslims
and i'm not sure what to think. Is naming your band after the worlds fastest growing yet most misunderstood religion the cool thing to do ?

and why didnt I think of this ??? after all i am a muslim. Like a real one.
i missed that memo. It must have fallen off my proverbial desk

their music is good. i like their songs. Are of any of them muslim ?
im tempted to ask so i friended them. maybe i will post the question
like hey guys digging the tunes
are any of you muslims ?

i guess i'm just being nosy ?? and i want to know the story behind them naming their band the muslims like maybe that will make me go ah. uh huh. i get it. THE MUSLIMS... i see.

in other news i have begun incessantly using my speaker phone on my mobile
for this reason and this reason only.

more later.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bienvenue a Concrete Jungli

This blog is the ex lover of
After a tumultuous affair they decided it was best to part
The myspace blog will not contain such musings
such intellectual spank-ary such poetic
reflection on the state of the world

Here you will find my ramblings on life music art fashion
obama film novels pinkberry versus red mango vegetarianism
yoga paris india how i've never been to india photography
LA versus NY the death of the lower east side and other random ish...

merci merci