Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fires + vampires + LA + burqa hands free

There are fires in los angeles. [pray]
There are vampires in los angeles. [pray]
This is a fact.

I hear them at night when i am suddenly awakened by their comings and goings.
Though I must say the streets of NY never did fall asleep and that never scared me.
BUT the streets of LA at night complete with wild winds whippping about to awaken me from dreams of mixing music and vegan deserts frighten me i must admit this.

I am finally in the final finality stages of mixing and mastering the new songs and now i am thinking the whole sh'bang will be ready for the new year, which brings me great joy and I am so proud of these new songs. I had to go back into the studio to make these tracks perfect for you, i couldnt live with myself if i knew i wasnt giving you the best. you dig.

i will try to write with more of a frequency i went on an unannounced blog hiatus but i'm back now and more exciting things to follow suit. shows + LA & NY jungli sightings + snippets of new tracks + photos + Video + ramblings and much more, thank you for staying tuned

in other news i saw this woman
location: palms LA CA
season: fall
running: an errand

who managed to somehow intelligently with a delicateness place her cell phone in her burqa to make a new and unique way of being hands free while talking on the mobile phone. i mean has anyone patented this ???? i wanted to take a photo but thought it was a bit inappropriate to ask... i know since when have I done the appropriate thing ? since recently. use your imagination. the burqa was green the phone was black.