Thursday, February 10, 2011


we the radio listeners of the world are being programmed by mainstream popular corporate radio to believe that music is not good unless it is 144 bpms or faster that means that if its not 144 beats per minute our brains are being programmed to begin to process it as slow and boring.

don't believe me ? take a look at the top 10 on i tunes this week ?
every single song is 144 bpm or faster then take a look at nicole atkins discovery download page with comments like ' pretty voice but this song is too slow for me ? '

maybe i'm disenchanted with how popular music is being dumbed down by our microwave culture ( click tracks synthesizers no more live drums ?? ) but something in me says that this is not a fad and that music since the 1950's in america has been getting shorter and faster to accomodate radio, corporate sponsors, and of course America's growing ability to be completely unable to focus on anything for more than 3 mins.

huh what ?? youve probaby already stopped reading this.

have we become so easily distracted that unless we are put into a trance like state via a thumpin oonce oonce we wont be able to focus on a song for 3 minutes.
i'm inclined to say yes. sad but true. I for one am bringing my focus in this new year back to the ballad and will certainly be churning out as many in 2011 as I can.

i can't bring music back to what is was but i can set a new bar for myself.
i can say f the status quo, a few posts ago i was into a song that had a total dance feel by robyn and i was so keen on putting out a dance record ... well thats because thats all i was hearing. though robyn's song is still kick ass.
so turning off the KISS fm's of the world and tuning into the wave easy listening and the ultimate in public radio KCRW

keeping it real.

settings >>>

new bar >>>> write slow songs.

sweet dreams.


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