Thursday, December 8, 2011

my own drum

the sun set on my problems
all that energy that geothermal fusion
that confusion
it never stops
im still left here
thinking about what could have been
if only you were carbon 14 + Oxygen 8
transmuting to something tangible
we couldve watched each other undress
like doves
in the middle of a party
in the middle of a massacre
in the middle of a shopping spree
what are we here to consume
i want to buy everything into nothing
i want to scream until my lungs fall out
" when will it ever be enough "
i feel woe
i keep writing poetry in hopes
that i'll tie some loose ends
and make more lifelong friends
but i still dont fit in
after all these years
i am still
marching to my own drum
marching to my own drum


le fin

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