Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Oval Office

I write to you from the Oval Office a studio in Eagle Rock California where I am laying down the final track for the new EP, its called 'Take me Away ' my commentary on the war in Afghanistan, as well as the choices we make as human beings co existing on this planet and their consequences, just another hit from the Tasneem files ; ) Though I have some ancient strain of the sniffles i caught in NoCal I seem to be quite chipper.

You see this studio is where the duo gnarls barkley recorded the track Crazy, you can feel the goodness and joy in the room. Its quite incredible.
I feel really lucky to have linked up w/ Jesse Ingalls (bass) and Jordan Richardson (drums)along with Dan Laureano who I have recorded this new music with. Yesterday Dan was commenting on how music feels fun again, and it dawned on me duh this is why i started writing singing and playing in the first place because i enjoy it !!! Music makes me happy So eff the rat race.. for the first time in a long time I'm playing recording and having a good time enjoying the process. Despite the tremendous sadness I feel re: the gaza strip I'm really optimistic about the year ahead Obama taking office and the change that will envelop the world as a result.

So here's to that change to peace tolerance and freedom and the joy in self expression. Happy new year to all and though i am to be releasing the new material as Tasneem this blog will remain as my main blogging station.

peace and love