Saturday, July 26, 2008

green is the new black golden track

Going green is cool now. It was not cool however when i was president of the environmental club my senior year in high school. But it's about time it got cool, its about time people started taking their own bags to the grocery store and buying fuel efficient cars, carpooling, riding bikes and skateboards, reusing, and doing what they can to lessen their " carbon footprint " worldwide.

GREEN is where its at.

Gold is where its at. THE EP IS DONE. I'm beyond elated and my voice is blown. All for a good cause... So as I start to post new tracks on myspace within the months of August and September
I will write here about each song that i post. My journey with it and how it came to be. After this past year I've realized each track has its own identity we all went to high school together
the class president the goth girl the prom queen the jock, the rich kid, and me.

paper or plastic ?

i got my own.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Leona Lewis + Vegetarianism + Mahatma

the saga continues...

I just learned that Leona Lewis is a vegetarian. ( traffic + bad radio ) Not only is she a veg but she was also voted world's sexiest vegetarian she beat out some serious celeb competition emmy rossum, kristen bell, natalie portman, angela bassett the list goes on. You can read it and learn more about being a vegetarian at

Number one Reason why I am a vegetarian :

We will never achieve peace in this world if we continue to kill what we eat ( a gandhi paraphrase )


Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ali & France

I decided that I miss the rain. And so I lie awake last night just listening to it. It was like music and i began to thank god that i was able to hear the sounds, of rain falling from the sky.

On this short but brilliant NYC trip, I had the pleasure of working with the photographer Erin Barry
and her incredible team for a new global tv/online channel more details as i get them. I went through a car wash no seriously I wasnt in the car I was outside the car actually i was on top of the car and I felt so America's Next Top Jungli Model. It was incredible. Plus I got to wear a pair of $ 900 marc jacobs shoes not in the car wash but yea there's nothing like $ 900 shoes to make a girl feel beautiful.

I'm mixing the Ali Song and some others I'm anxious to get these songs out... grrrrrrrrrrr. new EP coming soon.

Stay Tuned

Happy Birthday Ali.
Bonne Anniversaire France.


p.s. I have somehow become obsessed with brit popstar leona lewis and that sort of clubby dancy track ' bleeding love ' i know weird. Her video ho is fly and she looks dope in that trenchcoat....

Thursday, July 3, 2008


“ . . . all of the American categories of male and female, black or white, were shattered, thank heaven, very early in my life. Not without anguish, certainly; but once you have discerned the meaning of a label, it may seem to define you for others, but it does not have the power to define you to yourself.” - james baldwin

more later

keep on keepin' on.