Friday, August 21, 2009

about deepak

i haven't written in a while for a couple of reasons. The main one is that i'm debating over renaming this blog and starting a new, but then sort of feel married to this space not sure why ? weird i know.

the second reason for my absence is sheer abandon. yes i've abandoned this blog and after a talk and a hug we worked it out.

so it happened. twitter happened. there it is. i was right i guess i tend to know myself and voila a few months later there i am signing up for twitter and tweeting away pulling myself i feel further away from reality but also in some ways closer to society. strange but true. i mean how could i resist to exclaim my point of view daily even hourly in 140 characters or less.

please feel free to join me there. i mean if deepak chopra's doing it well then it must be legit and he doesn't just do it i'm actually kind of worried about the guy he's totally addicted to it. or maybe i''m being dramatic (per use lol) maybe he's not maybe he just feels like what a great way to reach people with my positive energy and loving light force. because i must say his tweets are remarkable and make me feel inspired to continue on the journey. in a nutshell he's all about self love prayer joy beauty god.. you know all the good stuff.
i am too for the most part however occasionally you will be able to creep into the inner workings of my sometimes fragmented off beat yet very lovable insane like intensity and intense like insanity thought process

find me there

on that note ; ) i bid you adieu more musings later i feel a blog phase coming on...

break out the china ramadan cometh


p.s. prince in not on twitter fyi.