Friday, December 5, 2008

LA Sushi Manifesto

Arigato God.
a poem by tasneem
© 2008

She is eating alone
i should stop staring
at her red jeans
i want them
i want red jeans
something inside me tells me
shut up hardware
i have nothing
i have nothing
but this open road and a destiny
which i cannot choose.
who eats alone ?
losers ?
fisherman ?
lonely women ?
the weird guy you
see in his cubicle who always
rides his bike to work ?
this is LA
land of sushi and cars
war and rehabilition
homeland security and prayer
oceans and teatherball
I get loaded on my memory
of the past
I get full on his smile
i wonder how many times jesus said

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Heist

" i'm about to rob a bank and everyone inside
i demand you throw your hands up and gimmie all your money
yea i've gone crazy and its true I cannot hide
got my mask on and I'm long gone so gimmie all your money
when the monsoon comes i'll be gone the heist is on.... "
Jungli The Heist © 2008

Fact: The Sirius Star is a Muslim owned vessel
Fact: It is carrying 2 million barrels of oil
Fact: Pirates are less likely to hijack ships during monsoon season
Fact: The ransom is 15 million dollars
Fact: This is the largest pirate attack in modern history
Fact: The piracy off the coast of east africa is a manifestation of the disorder within the government of somalia
Fact: Somali pirates say they are driven to piracy because their country is in chaos they are hungry and poor and have no other option
Fact: sorrow anger frustration silence violence rage text PEACE PLEASE NOW to 786

" they want a ransom a handsome penny make some noise
they want a ransom a handsome penny make some noise
boys will be boys ... boys will be boys... "
Jungli Ransom © 2008

more later
its raining

fire rain fire rain fire rain

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The fire marshalls shut down the shindig at the hyatt so I came home to drink pellegrino and blog...

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who voted. We did it. I gave as much as I could during this election to the Obama campaign but what i was proud to give most was my time and stellar knowledge of making cold calls to strangers, asking them for things. In this case it was change. Change for America. Change for the globe. It worked. I feel joy.

People in Kenya are dancing in streets.
I am dancing in my seat

me and obama
we both have kenyan dads
we both have weird names
we both believe in change


TASNEEM aka __jungli

my weekends for the last month making calls for obama ::: in pictures
location : some gracious lady's backyard in venice beach
location : obama headquarters culver city ca.

.the irresistable hammock.


.saturday night.

<3 obama

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fires + vampires + LA + burqa hands free

There are fires in los angeles. [pray]
There are vampires in los angeles. [pray]
This is a fact.

I hear them at night when i am suddenly awakened by their comings and goings.
Though I must say the streets of NY never did fall asleep and that never scared me.
BUT the streets of LA at night complete with wild winds whippping about to awaken me from dreams of mixing music and vegan deserts frighten me i must admit this.

I am finally in the final finality stages of mixing and mastering the new songs and now i am thinking the whole sh'bang will be ready for the new year, which brings me great joy and I am so proud of these new songs. I had to go back into the studio to make these tracks perfect for you, i couldnt live with myself if i knew i wasnt giving you the best. you dig.

i will try to write with more of a frequency i went on an unannounced blog hiatus but i'm back now and more exciting things to follow suit. shows + LA & NY jungli sightings + snippets of new tracks + photos + Video + ramblings and much more, thank you for staying tuned

in other news i saw this woman
location: palms LA CA
season: fall
running: an errand

who managed to somehow intelligently with a delicateness place her cell phone in her burqa to make a new and unique way of being hands free while talking on the mobile phone. i mean has anyone patented this ???? i wanted to take a photo but thought it was a bit inappropriate to ask... i know since when have I done the appropriate thing ? since recently. use your imagination. the burqa was green the phone was black.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

9.11 memorandum

dear everyone and anything who was involved in 9.11
i too was there i saw the madness i saw the tears i saw the buildings fall the soot people covered in ash walking across the brooklyn bridge. I climbed up to my brooklyn rooftop and cried and cried. We are still fighting an unjust war but the beautiful thing about life is that there is war and there is love and there is always some kind of beauty even if you cannot see it, it is there. watching like me from above, on high.


p.s this cannes 2008 short film is amazing


Sunday, September 7, 2008



harmony fishies


une poeme par jungli september 7th 2008 LA, California USA

shiny penny go go gadget songs
you are almost done with your perfume
you smell nice
it is a sunday afternoon and i have forgotten my tide book
the one i bought at the rusty surf shop
i rush towards the waves of my secluded beach hideout
i climb a tree in my mind
i miss new york city in reality
i am restless
i call god
guess what? i say
i got a blackberry a while back now we can BB messenger
Great s(he) says, though
these days i'm mad busy yo.
fuck it i'll make time for you but listen
i've got bigger problems than your woes me
your songs you were an infidel a thief you stole your own chi you creep
i mean really
i've got a barracuda in a sea of harmony fishies
i've got 6 year olds buried in Afghan rubble
i've got russians doing masti
i've got more war than love and its supposed to be half and half
go buy a piano and work it out will you ?
put me on a plane i say
i'm ready
i'm ready
ahem ( throat clearing )
no my dear no my darling lil harmony fishie
you my friend my BBM buddy are still on


I have mixed half the new EP. Almost ready still on standby
playing once a month at Abbots Habit in Venice come hang s'il vous plait stay tuned
LA Somehow can make one sleepless insert illegal downtown after hrs dance parties and drinking pineapple juice at the bar
my addiction to red mango and the song twice by little dragon is tapering off to normalcy
please note the fresh mandarin oranges and cute as a button staff do not help.
please note little dragon is dope.
please note sarah the barracuda aint sh%t
please note we were born to rock this vote and change the world

more later.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mu(Barack) on The Energy Crises

who you gonna vote for ?
John McCain has stated before publicly that he doesnt even know how to use the computer !

you do the math :::: + - x % $ # ; )

WHAT WE CAN DO :::: Shameless Jungli plug ; )
My first step for the Fall 2008 is to
1. Continue to post vegan videos
2. To Vote for Mu(Barack ) Obama

more later


Sunday, August 17, 2008

NYC False Angeles Manifesto

Thing I love about MOST About NY that I miss when i'm in LA


Thing I love MOST about LA that I miss when I'm in NY


The Your Dil Benefit was phenomenal I spoke my mind. I sang my songs. People came together for a cause it was nothing less than amazing. I said my peace.
"peace to the living peace to the dead peace to these voices inside of my head"

.love. and charity

Friday, August 15, 2008 A benefit on Saturday 8.16

New York City, August 15th 2008

It rained list night and i got caught in the downpour. I was soooo happy that the rain came down it was so beautiful. I've been invited to play a benefit for this non profit organization called your dil that is dedicated to battling illiteracy in Pakistan especially among young women. So i'm in the apple.

It's interesting because I never think of a living my life without being able to read or not having access to school so that I can have an opportunity to learn how to read. Its like i just read and thats that. But thats not the way it works around the globe. Access to education to teachers to books and computers is limited and oftentimes its not something we tend to frequently think about. Enter :::: 65% of rural pakistanis are illiterate ( which is 60 % of the total population ) i was floored by this statistic. If you cannot make the benefit it would make my heart soar if you would check the site and educate yourself on whats happening with yourdil and how you can help. Hey, maybe even buy a ticket to the show or donate some money to the foundation ; )

I may auction off a cactus plant and a kiss. ( yes, mouth only two seconds long and your hands have to be behind your back !! I dont trust these pakis LOL ) Get there !

The benefit is at Mansion in NYC
Saturday August 16th @ 7pm


rock the tabla

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gimmie the Mic (unreleased 2005)

Some days the news tends to frighten me ::::

" violent" Iraqi Detainees put in wooden boxes for 12 hours at a time no bigger than their bodies the average Iraqi man is 5 ft 9 inches tall the boxes are 3 x 3 x 6 surely claustrophobia would ensue ya think ???
and then theres this :::

Indian HIV parents kill children

Aids awareness poster in Indian-administered Kashmir
Experts say more needs to be done to promote Aids awareness

A Indian couple who were infected with the virus that can lead to Aids have committed suicide after killing their three children, police in Mumbai say.

Relatives say the couple had been depressed by news that their daughter also had the HIV virus.

Police say the parents hanged themselves after poisoning their children, aged between five and 10.

India has one of the largest numbers of HIV-positive people in the world and they suffer serious social stigma.


Police say Babu Ishwar Thevar, 39, and his wife Amori, 33, killed themselves and their children on 5 August.

Babu Thevar's brother, Armugam, found the bodies when he went to the house late that night after work.

The couple had two sons - Venkatesan, 10, and Mani, eight - as well as a daughter, Mahalakshmi, who was five.

The girl survived being poisoned but police believe she was smothered by a pillow until she stopped breathing.

The officer who is investigating the case told the BBC the couple then hanged themselves from the ceiling by a nylon rope.

Mr Thevar told the police that his brother was worried about the infection and had become depressed after finding out that his daughter also had the infection.

The couple did not leave a suicide note.

Police say they probably ended their children's lives thinking medication could not prevent the virus from affecting their daughter.

Financial motives have been ruled out as Mr Thevar was doing well in his work as a Tamil film distributor.

'Lack of awareness'

The Tevars had not disclosed their medical status to their neighbours and relatives, and Mr Tevar's brother says he is the only one who knew about it.

Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is capital, is one six Indian states where the prevalence of HIV/Aids is "high", according to the country's National Aids Control Organisation.

Activists say that due to lack of awareness, the HIV virus is often passed on to children. Social stigma is a major reason cited for people not seeking medical treatment.

Campaigners say many HIV-related suicides could be prevented by providing counselling.

Even though the Indian government offers free tests and cheap drugs, the number of HIV-infected patients in the country remains one of the highest in the world.

I can think of only the words of the great musician poet and actor tupac " keep your head up "
and to that I assume my position that I have always assumed on worldly matters such as these
" I will keep fighting the fight to create awareness to create change through music through arts through education through pop culture until i turn to dust " - Jungli

if you are in the LA are this Friday come and soothe your soul with some revolutionary acoustic love songs @
Abbott's Habit in Venice
1401 Abbott Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach CA
JUNGLI + Mataji + special guest David Booker

Saturday, July 26, 2008

green is the new black golden track

Going green is cool now. It was not cool however when i was president of the environmental club my senior year in high school. But it's about time it got cool, its about time people started taking their own bags to the grocery store and buying fuel efficient cars, carpooling, riding bikes and skateboards, reusing, and doing what they can to lessen their " carbon footprint " worldwide.

GREEN is where its at.

Gold is where its at. THE EP IS DONE. I'm beyond elated and my voice is blown. All for a good cause... So as I start to post new tracks on myspace within the months of August and September
I will write here about each song that i post. My journey with it and how it came to be. After this past year I've realized each track has its own identity we all went to high school together
the class president the goth girl the prom queen the jock, the rich kid, and me.

paper or plastic ?

i got my own.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Leona Lewis + Vegetarianism + Mahatma

the saga continues...

I just learned that Leona Lewis is a vegetarian. ( traffic + bad radio ) Not only is she a veg but she was also voted world's sexiest vegetarian she beat out some serious celeb competition emmy rossum, kristen bell, natalie portman, angela bassett the list goes on. You can read it and learn more about being a vegetarian at

Number one Reason why I am a vegetarian :

We will never achieve peace in this world if we continue to kill what we eat ( a gandhi paraphrase )


Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ali & France

I decided that I miss the rain. And so I lie awake last night just listening to it. It was like music and i began to thank god that i was able to hear the sounds, of rain falling from the sky.

On this short but brilliant NYC trip, I had the pleasure of working with the photographer Erin Barry
and her incredible team for a new global tv/online channel more details as i get them. I went through a car wash no seriously I wasnt in the car I was outside the car actually i was on top of the car and I felt so America's Next Top Jungli Model. It was incredible. Plus I got to wear a pair of $ 900 marc jacobs shoes not in the car wash but yea there's nothing like $ 900 shoes to make a girl feel beautiful.

I'm mixing the Ali Song and some others I'm anxious to get these songs out... grrrrrrrrrrr. new EP coming soon.

Stay Tuned

Happy Birthday Ali.
Bonne Anniversaire France.


p.s. I have somehow become obsessed with brit popstar leona lewis and that sort of clubby dancy track ' bleeding love ' i know weird. Her video ho is fly and she looks dope in that trenchcoat....

Thursday, July 3, 2008


“ . . . all of the American categories of male and female, black or white, were shattered, thank heaven, very early in my life. Not without anguish, certainly; but once you have discerned the meaning of a label, it may seem to define you for others, but it does not have the power to define you to yourself.” - james baldwin

more later

keep on keepin' on.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last FM

So apparently my music is on Last FM
The strange thing is I have no idea how it got there. + insert confusion here +

But you are most welcome to go and listen & join and comment and be part of a seemingly hip online music community. All the music from That [GIRL] EP is streaming for your enjoyment

I feel naked without the music studio, and i realize I miss being there in that space I will resume shortly to finish up everything before we get to the final mixes, I'm so grateful that I got to record these new songs. I hope you love them as much as I do, they have turned into my peoples and each one has their own personality.

In other news I keep finding heart shaped things that mother nature makes and plants in my path.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


OMG so the muslims wrote me back. I posted on their page as i said i would and voila one of them sent me a myspace message. It was actually kind of shocking and surreal, it went something like this....

hey jungli glad you like our tunes none of us are muslim it was a catchy name that stuck with us and we totally have respect for real muslims come to a show etc.. etc... what does it all mean ??? i mean for the world ??? is islam becoming cool ? score !!!
in other news i'm in the studio recording new material i'm almost done. YAY ! these past few months have been a journey like LA to Uzbekistan to The Congo to Andromeda and back type journey

i saw seal tonight when i was leaving the session
and i keep having dreams about juice


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Muslims

I'm kind of weirded out. not really but kind of. I just found this band called The Muslims
and i'm not sure what to think. Is naming your band after the worlds fastest growing yet most misunderstood religion the cool thing to do ?

and why didnt I think of this ??? after all i am a muslim. Like a real one.
i missed that memo. It must have fallen off my proverbial desk

their music is good. i like their songs. Are of any of them muslim ?
im tempted to ask so i friended them. maybe i will post the question
like hey guys digging the tunes
are any of you muslims ?

i guess i'm just being nosy ?? and i want to know the story behind them naming their band the muslims like maybe that will make me go ah. uh huh. i get it. THE MUSLIMS... i see.

in other news i have begun incessantly using my speaker phone on my mobile
for this reason and this reason only.

more later.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bienvenue a Concrete Jungli

This blog is the ex lover of
After a tumultuous affair they decided it was best to part
The myspace blog will not contain such musings
such intellectual spank-ary such poetic
reflection on the state of the world

Here you will find my ramblings on life music art fashion
obama film novels pinkberry versus red mango vegetarianism
yoga paris india how i've never been to india photography
LA versus NY the death of the lower east side and other random ish...

merci merci