Sunday, June 22, 2008


OMG so the muslims wrote me back. I posted on their page as i said i would and voila one of them sent me a myspace message. It was actually kind of shocking and surreal, it went something like this....

hey jungli glad you like our tunes none of us are muslim it was a catchy name that stuck with us and we totally have respect for real muslims come to a show etc.. etc... what does it all mean ??? i mean for the world ??? is islam becoming cool ? score !!!
in other news i'm in the studio recording new material i'm almost done. YAY ! these past few months have been a journey like LA to Uzbekistan to The Congo to Andromeda and back type journey

i saw seal tonight when i was leaving the session
and i keep having dreams about juice


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Na'im said...

Thanks for doing the P.I. work lol. when you mentioned them in your post below it sparked interest for me as well.

Interesting band..I dug there video too