Monday, June 16, 2008

The Muslims

I'm kind of weirded out. not really but kind of. I just found this band called The Muslims
and i'm not sure what to think. Is naming your band after the worlds fastest growing yet most misunderstood religion the cool thing to do ?

and why didnt I think of this ??? after all i am a muslim. Like a real one.
i missed that memo. It must have fallen off my proverbial desk

their music is good. i like their songs. Are of any of them muslim ?
im tempted to ask so i friended them. maybe i will post the question
like hey guys digging the tunes
are any of you muslims ?

i guess i'm just being nosy ?? and i want to know the story behind them naming their band the muslims like maybe that will make me go ah. uh huh. i get it. THE MUSLIMS... i see.

in other news i have begun incessantly using my speaker phone on my mobile
for this reason and this reason only.

more later.

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