Friday, August 21, 2009

about deepak

i haven't written in a while for a couple of reasons. The main one is that i'm debating over renaming this blog and starting a new, but then sort of feel married to this space not sure why ? weird i know.

the second reason for my absence is sheer abandon. yes i've abandoned this blog and after a talk and a hug we worked it out.

so it happened. twitter happened. there it is. i was right i guess i tend to know myself and voila a few months later there i am signing up for twitter and tweeting away pulling myself i feel further away from reality but also in some ways closer to society. strange but true. i mean how could i resist to exclaim my point of view daily even hourly in 140 characters or less.

please feel free to join me there. i mean if deepak chopra's doing it well then it must be legit and he doesn't just do it i'm actually kind of worried about the guy he's totally addicted to it. or maybe i''m being dramatic (per use lol) maybe he's not maybe he just feels like what a great way to reach people with my positive energy and loving light force. because i must say his tweets are remarkable and make me feel inspired to continue on the journey. in a nutshell he's all about self love prayer joy beauty god.. you know all the good stuff.
i am too for the most part however occasionally you will be able to creep into the inner workings of my sometimes fragmented off beat yet very lovable insane like intensity and intense like insanity thought process

find me there

on that note ; ) i bid you adieu more musings later i feel a blog phase coming on...

break out the china ramadan cometh


p.s. prince in not on twitter fyi.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


it is true.

i am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with innocence.
with laughter and cumulus clouds
with photographs of the modest past
and the way my breath feels when i say the simplest prayer.


I posted a new song up called GOLDEN @
i wrote it in the great state of Texas on a piano that isnt mine in about 4 minutes and 37 seconds i was overwhelmed with love i could have died at that piano except i havent lived in paris yet...

if your heart so desires you should take a listen or 17 i hope that my music and melody bring you much joy.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

twittering + sunday best

so everybody's doing it....
artists actors soccer moms
lawyers doctors comedians

but i'm having a philosophical moment with twittering and here it goes

as long as we continue to technologically advance we in a way become farther from our real selves for example people can see me on the internet and hear my music and look at my picture and read my blog but then nothing is sacred anymore i have nothing for myself ... i'm almost too exposed ... Music wasnt like that before .. and i really dont care if bruce springsteen is going to the gym i want to hear him sing human touch ... but that is what this new idea is generating in young minds ::: maximum exposition

what are you doing ?
where are you doing it ?
when are you doing it ?
who are you doing it with ?
why are you doing it ?
how long are you gonna do it for ?

and so then whats happening is that we actually have stopped talking to one another we actually through social networks have become completely anti social creatures while sitting at home making out with our computers thinking we're having a social experience ....

in a way i'm completely overwhelmed by it all and probably will be twittering in a matter of months | insert irony and laughter here |

i posted two new songs up on my myspace page .. so go listen and enjoy !! The Ali Song and Sunday Best... and new music is coming soon i promise ... and i'll keep you abreast of my attempt to dodge technology. The new url is _ same space new vibes ...

“All our lauded technological progress -- our very civilization - is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal.” - albert einstein


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If you havent seen slumdog millionaire, go.

sending love and thanks to the powers that be for putting that film out into the ether for all to enjoy and much respect and admiration for all those involved. And to my favorite muslim convert other than Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam ... Mr. A.R Rahman may he continue to make beautiful music.

what a brilliant movie ! positivity joy and triumph ALL AROUND

D. it was written


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Sonnet for a Dramatic BusRide

Mercedes Lens

© 2009
a poem by tasneem

I see you world
through a mercedes lens
grammy losers and dividends
step up girl
or you'll never win
eau de hydroponic
with the culver city hen
and her rooster
booster shots and allah is my co pilot
come in come in.
copy that. close call.
she rides the bus he smiles and laughs
i cry and smell disaster
they probably have the munchies
my feet are glued to floor
i see you world
through a mercedes glass
strip clubs and bottles
chanel and ass
i can't help but sit in the past
forever lasts
too long
why are you forever gone
i havent been sleeping well
ever since you didnt call me
is this another mood swing ?
bling bling
i am not.
cartier hotbox the spot
ring ring
knock knock
you come in
i chris brown'd myself in the heart


Sunday, February 8, 2009

spirits in the material world

Los Angeles full of cars and traffic sunshine and strip clubs may seem void of spirit void of soul. To the naked eye yes. it is. But in my findings it is actually the opposite the land itself reaks of the spirit world. The mountains the oceans the light the desert, I feel surrounded. Though I'm sending a huge embrace to my beloved NYC i'm taking the time to give thanks to the golden state.

ahem. merci golden state.

I am pleased to let people know that Coeur D'Or ( heart of gold ) EP is available now on i Tunes It's got my version of Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover on it. I recorded it with Dan Laureano and Albert Amigo in Red Hook Brooklyn and you can get it by going to and clicking on the EP or by searching JUNGLI on i Tunes... its somewhat of a digital collector's item if you will.
The new music i plan to release under my name ;)

I really am grateful for all the internerd support from fans friends and the like, it means the world to me. So please check back as I begin to post new new music to a new new myspace site over the next couple of months and I promise to blog more about my obsessions art politics etc..

currently I'm obsessed with Rita Hayworth, miles per gallon, the culver city bus line, piety, and Lata Mangeshkar .that about sums it up.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Oval Office

I write to you from the Oval Office a studio in Eagle Rock California where I am laying down the final track for the new EP, its called 'Take me Away ' my commentary on the war in Afghanistan, as well as the choices we make as human beings co existing on this planet and their consequences, just another hit from the Tasneem files ; ) Though I have some ancient strain of the sniffles i caught in NoCal I seem to be quite chipper.

You see this studio is where the duo gnarls barkley recorded the track Crazy, you can feel the goodness and joy in the room. Its quite incredible.
I feel really lucky to have linked up w/ Jesse Ingalls (bass) and Jordan Richardson (drums)along with Dan Laureano who I have recorded this new music with. Yesterday Dan was commenting on how music feels fun again, and it dawned on me duh this is why i started writing singing and playing in the first place because i enjoy it !!! Music makes me happy So eff the rat race.. for the first time in a long time I'm playing recording and having a good time enjoying the process. Despite the tremendous sadness I feel re: the gaza strip I'm really optimistic about the year ahead Obama taking office and the change that will envelop the world as a result.

So here's to that change to peace tolerance and freedom and the joy in self expression. Happy new year to all and though i am to be releasing the new material as Tasneem this blog will remain as my main blogging station.

peace and love