Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If you havent seen slumdog millionaire, go.

sending love and thanks to the powers that be for putting that film out into the ether for all to enjoy and much respect and admiration for all those involved. And to my favorite muslim convert other than Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam ... Mr. A.R Rahman may he continue to make beautiful music.

what a brilliant movie ! positivity joy and triumph ALL AROUND

D. it was written



8 said...

hey, i just listened to your music and read your blog, keep it up. Your tracks are amazing. Don't stress the MIA thing too much, she's a record label creation, I know details on her fabrication by several colonizr fatcats but good for her on gettin' pregs by Warner Bros son. Third World memes are hot if your not M-slim because being M-slim is Gladwells "Cool Center", all things around it are the "Tipping Point", so anything that leads people to think about the war against windmills will be wholly absorbed by williamsburg hipsters and LA slaghounds, but Allah has and always will scare the sh*t out of thm -- as it insinuates a cool they are unfamliar with. I say keep that in mind while trologdyting through the western culture swamps and keep your knuckles on your ak at all times, these f-ckers are mad aunry.


Walt said...

I know nothing about you, but I like what I have read and see in your honest face. When I get back to the house and a computer with sound! I'll try to look you up again.
Have a very good day.

Tasneem said...

i am so honored and humbled that amazing people read this blog.