Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Sonnet for a Dramatic BusRide

Mercedes Lens

© 2009
a poem by tasneem

I see you world
through a mercedes lens
grammy losers and dividends
step up girl
or you'll never win
eau de hydroponic
with the culver city hen
and her rooster
booster shots and allah is my co pilot
come in come in.
copy that. close call.
she rides the bus he smiles and laughs
i cry and smell disaster
they probably have the munchies
my feet are glued to floor
i see you world
through a mercedes glass
strip clubs and bottles
chanel and ass
i can't help but sit in the past
forever lasts
too long
why are you forever gone
i havent been sleeping well
ever since you didnt call me
is this another mood swing ?
bling bling
i am not.
cartier hotbox the spot
ring ring
knock knock
you come in
i chris brown'd myself in the heart


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