Thursday, April 2, 2009

twittering + sunday best

so everybody's doing it....
artists actors soccer moms
lawyers doctors comedians

but i'm having a philosophical moment with twittering and here it goes

as long as we continue to technologically advance we in a way become farther from our real selves for example people can see me on the internet and hear my music and look at my picture and read my blog but then nothing is sacred anymore i have nothing for myself ... i'm almost too exposed ... Music wasnt like that before .. and i really dont care if bruce springsteen is going to the gym i want to hear him sing human touch ... but that is what this new idea is generating in young minds ::: maximum exposition

what are you doing ?
where are you doing it ?
when are you doing it ?
who are you doing it with ?
why are you doing it ?
how long are you gonna do it for ?

and so then whats happening is that we actually have stopped talking to one another we actually through social networks have become completely anti social creatures while sitting at home making out with our computers thinking we're having a social experience ....

in a way i'm completely overwhelmed by it all and probably will be twittering in a matter of months | insert irony and laughter here |

i posted two new songs up on my myspace page .. so go listen and enjoy !! The Ali Song and Sunday Best... and new music is coming soon i promise ... and i'll keep you abreast of my attempt to dodge technology. The new url is _ same space new vibes ...

“All our lauded technological progress -- our very civilization - is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal.” - albert einstein



Walt said...

Blog people present a strange dichotomy, I have a phone with me 24-7 but they never call; yet on their blogs they love to chat, or send me hundreds of e-mails. Go to my blog, I have links to most of them, You will see they are all brilliant exceptional people. They all seem to like me, and some are more than willing to say that they love me. It really kills me because my best game is talking on the phone. I keep giving out my phone number but only 5 of my many Internet friends have traded numbers with me in 8 years. 4 Jews and one witch, and the witch got sick and lost her phone service.
Tasneem you have a very special unique voice, I bet you must sound really super on the phone.

Serious Play said...

im new to your blog...and i really love it already...i love the way that you write. you're a true writer. easy like sunday mornin

Racquel Honoré said...

I agree. I am a very social person but prefer my social interation face to face. Herein lies my issue with LA but thats another conversation. I really really like intimacy and find it difficult, although I'm am trying to adapt, to be "out there" like that. I think those individuals like us who remain conscious of what "it" is and what "we" are doing are going to be able to take the best of what technology has to offer and create amazing things with it and leave behind the void. This is my message to you, Tasneem.(Does this make sense? (giggle) I'm hungry and "it" might be affecting how i think).

8 said...

read this

"Most users never tweet or follow anyone" is a fact. Im pretty gadgety and I can give 2 pimples about twittering, so I wouldnt really worry about keeping up with your "chip body". I like this song from Andy Milonakis about it: