Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Heist

" i'm about to rob a bank and everyone inside
i demand you throw your hands up and gimmie all your money
yea i've gone crazy and its true I cannot hide
got my mask on and I'm long gone so gimmie all your money
when the monsoon comes i'll be gone the heist is on.... "
Jungli The Heist © 2008

Fact: The Sirius Star is a Muslim owned vessel
Fact: It is carrying 2 million barrels of oil
Fact: Pirates are less likely to hijack ships during monsoon season
Fact: The ransom is 15 million dollars
Fact: This is the largest pirate attack in modern history
Fact: The piracy off the coast of east africa is a manifestation of the disorder within the government of somalia
Fact: Somali pirates say they are driven to piracy because their country is in chaos they are hungry and poor and have no other option
Fact: sorrow anger frustration silence violence rage text PEACE PLEASE NOW to 786

" they want a ransom a handsome penny make some noise
they want a ransom a handsome penny make some noise
boys will be boys ... boys will be boys... "
Jungli Ransom © 2008

more later
its raining

fire rain fire rain fire rain

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