Friday, August 15, 2008 A benefit on Saturday 8.16

New York City, August 15th 2008

It rained list night and i got caught in the downpour. I was soooo happy that the rain came down it was so beautiful. I've been invited to play a benefit for this non profit organization called your dil that is dedicated to battling illiteracy in Pakistan especially among young women. So i'm in the apple.

It's interesting because I never think of a living my life without being able to read or not having access to school so that I can have an opportunity to learn how to read. Its like i just read and thats that. But thats not the way it works around the globe. Access to education to teachers to books and computers is limited and oftentimes its not something we tend to frequently think about. Enter :::: 65% of rural pakistanis are illiterate ( which is 60 % of the total population ) i was floored by this statistic. If you cannot make the benefit it would make my heart soar if you would check the site and educate yourself on whats happening with yourdil and how you can help. Hey, maybe even buy a ticket to the show or donate some money to the foundation ; )

I may auction off a cactus plant and a kiss. ( yes, mouth only two seconds long and your hands have to be behind your back !! I dont trust these pakis LOL ) Get there !

The benefit is at Mansion in NYC
Saturday August 16th @ 7pm


rock the tabla

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