Saturday, July 26, 2008

green is the new black golden track

Going green is cool now. It was not cool however when i was president of the environmental club my senior year in high school. But it's about time it got cool, its about time people started taking their own bags to the grocery store and buying fuel efficient cars, carpooling, riding bikes and skateboards, reusing, and doing what they can to lessen their " carbon footprint " worldwide.

GREEN is where its at.

Gold is where its at. THE EP IS DONE. I'm beyond elated and my voice is blown. All for a good cause... So as I start to post new tracks on myspace within the months of August and September
I will write here about each song that i post. My journey with it and how it came to be. After this past year I've realized each track has its own identity we all went to high school together
the class president the goth girl the prom queen the jock, the rich kid, and me.

paper or plastic ?

i got my own.

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