Sunday, July 18, 2010

capitalism a love story

documentaries somehow always tug at the heart strings.
i find myself deep in vulnerability as the truth unfolds and my heart
opens to reality more and more with each frame of honesty showing itself to me.
Oh revelation.
Oh profit
Oh prophet !

and just learned that apparently california has the highest rate of recidivism in the penal system of the US of America.
That means 71 % of inmates who are incarcerated do their time and are released RETURN to the system.

this like capitalistic greed an insatiable beast who shows no mercy.

where there is war there is love.

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soulma said...

I just saw this film a week ago and had to turn it off and come back to it. It was incredibly disheartening. But as you said "where there is war, there is love". I agree.