Saturday, August 21, 2010

ground zero-ji

Ground Zero-Ji

ground zero
you are not a mosque
you are a mosque a temple
you are a museum of history
a natural artifact
a mummy
my mother
my father
you are a fact
you are a city
you are cobblestone streets and vendors
of different shades
you are russian baths
and discount shopping
NR trains
and yoga spots
i stole from you once ground zero
i watched you die.
i prayed in your arms
i smoked my life away.
we smoked your life away
away we go
in shah allah
we can remember you without
fussing and fighting
without forgetting that this
is not about you or buildings
or mosques
or synangogues
or churches
or shrines
or diners
or music
or gold street
this about the many feet that inhabit
this land
this is about compassion
and tolerance
this about loving everyone
no matter