Saturday, October 9, 2010

re mission

Remission a poem

she waltzes on a movie set with panache and an x-ray full of change
bone marrow heartbreak and we go into sudden death
she should probably take up golf and start journaling
while her king plays heir to the throne
i wish she could be the star of shrek 5
and flaunt her satisfaction with the beauty of this world
all over the place
she doesnt even fear anything anymore.
what once tore her heart to pieces
fuels the rhythm of her very being
i bet shes good at everything
i think to myself as she poses for the camera
as she is poised and ready miming
and memorizing lines
these are fucking mezmerizing times.
i can't believe i said fucking at the mosque
well i did
but now i'm in remission
now i'm healing
my hair is growing back
i'm posing for vogue again
the new me
grow til tall
like a blade of grass
like a silicon valley start up
like facebook users
like social media
like metta
like havent you already had enough of this
mais oui.
i'm putting it to an end,
i'm drawing the line
i'm going to win
you will
she does
she is in

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